The fastest easiest way to make new friends drinking partners or travel partners in your area.


How it Works

Drinking Partner app will help you find a drinking partner, dating partner or a travel partner  near your location, quick. How it works is simple. When you search for a drinking partner. For example if I search for a female partner. A message would be broadcasted to all female partners who are looking for a date within XXX km your location.

If partner chooses to accept your invitation. Partner would be notified to to join you for a drink. And, You can track your partner progress as they approach your location using the app.


What is Purpose Of this App.

This purpose of this app is simple. It is to bridge people with similar interest together quickly.


Why Not use a dating app.

There is too much noise and chatter in dating sites or dating apps. We aim to cut through that chatter.  No more wasting time via dating sites chats ect.  This is Live, Quick and the easiest way to meet people.  And after all having a beer with someone breaks the ice quick.


How it Works

Step 1 – Sign Up
Signup and enter your preference.
It is Free.

Step 2
Look for partner. Specify gender you are looking for. Where you are at and if you are buying. There is more incentive for your partner to show up, if you are buying.

Step 3
A message would be broadcasted.
to all females withing your area.
If partner chooses to accept your invitation. The partner would be notified to meet you.

Step 4
You can view your partners progress towards your location. Note, you also have the option to call your partner tom confirm the meet.


It is that simple.

So what are you waiting for. For less then a cost of a pint of beer. You will have company tonight.  No more drinking alone.